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Powershell DOS Example
Clear-Host cls clear  
Remove-Item del Remove-item file.txt
Get-Help help Get-help test*  
update-help n/a update offline help. (administrator)get   
Set-location cd set-location c:\  
Get-Childitem dir add -recursive for dir /s  
Write-Output echo  
Move-item move    
Copy-Item copy  
rename-item rename
md mkdir    
Start-Sleep sleep    
Test-Connection ping Test-Connection  
Test-NetConnection ping Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -InformationLevel Detailed  
Test-NetConnection tracert Test-NetConnection –TraceRoute  
Test-NetTCPConnection netstat Get-NetTCPConnection | Group State, RemotePort | Sort Count | FT Count, Name -Autosize  
Get-NetIPConfiguration ipconfig Get the IP network configuration  
Get-NetIPAddress ipconfig
Get-DNSClientCache ipconfig /displaydns  
Clear-DNSClientCache ipconfig /flushdns  
Test-computersecurechannel  n/a
Resolve-DnsName nslookup Resolve-DnsName -Server –Type A  
Get-NetRoute route print Get-Netroute -Protocol local  
Set-ExecutionPolicy n/a Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Set-ExecutionPolicy   Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted  
Get-Executionpolicy n/a Find Execution policy
Get-Service n/a running services
Get-Process n/a running processes  
Get-Hotfix n/a Get-Hotfix | format-table  
Get-Alias n/a List all alias    
Get-Alias   create new alias; new-item alias:np -value C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe  
Get-Printer n/a display connected printers