Fact is, that few of the VB commands stand alone. More often than not, a command supports only one aspect of a topic. For example, the OPEN command opens a file so you can read it, whereas the LINE INPUT command reads one line of data at a time. And so it is in all of the areas of capability which VB supports. This page provides my own interpretation of VB command grouping. The benefit to you is that when you have a task to do you can quickly see which commands to consider for the task!

Don't confuse VB commands with control properties/events/methods! In this section I cover only those VB language elements which are not associated with specific VB objects.

 ----------------------------   ------------------   ---------   ------------
         Strings               Math        Logic      Arrays
----------------------------   ------------------   ---------   ------------
Left     Mid      String       Hex    Rnd   Sqr       Mod        Option Base
Right    Chr      InstrRev     Oct    Sgn   Abs       And        Erase
Trim     Len      Asc          Val    Sin   Atn       Or         Dim
LTrim    LSet     Space        Round  Cos   Log       Xor        ReDim
RTrim    RSet     Replace      Int    Tan             Not        UBound
UCase    Format   StrComp      Fix    Randomize       Eqv        LBound
LCase    Instr    StrReverse          Partition       Imp        Filter
FormatCurrency    StrConv             Round           Like       Array
FormatDateTime                        CInt...         Is         Join
-----------------------------------  --------    ------------   ----------------
        Files / Folders                     Binary        Sequential      Error Handling
-----------------------------------  --------    ------------   ----------------
Dir      FileDateTime    FreeFile      Get        Line Input         On Error
ChDir    FileLen         Open          Put        Write              Resume
MkDir    FileCopy        Close         Seek       Print              Resume Next
ChDrive  Lock            Reset         Input    Spc                  Resume LineX
CurDir   UnLock          Lof           Loc      Tab            CVErr
Name     GetAttr         Eof                                   Error
Kill     SetAttr         Width
RmDir    FileAttr
-----------------------------------------    -----------------------------
               Declarations                                   Date/Time 
-----------------------------------------    -----------------------------
Sub        Call               Set              Date          MonthName
Function   CallByName         Let              Time          WeekDayName
Dim        PropertyGet        Event            Now           Day
ReDim      PropertySet        ArrayName        Timer         Hour
Static     PropertyLet        Implements       DateAdd       Minute
Public     Option Explicit    Friend           DateDiff      Second
Private    Option Private     Enum             DateSerial    TimeSerial
Const      Option Compare     TypeName         DateValue     TimeValue
Declare    Type...EndType     VarType          Year          WeekDay
Is         GetObject          DefType...       Month
----------------------------------------    	-----------------        ----------
                Miscellaneous                               Registry                    Values
----------------------------------------    	-----------------        ----------
MsgBox     Beep          Load                 GetSetting                  True
DoEvents   InputBox      UnLoad               SaveSetting                 False
Shell      AddressOf     SavePicture          DeleteSetting               Empty
Command    RaiseEvent    LoadPicture          GetAllSettings              Nothing
Environ    Load          LoadResData                                      Null
RGB        Me            LoadResString
QBColor    SendKeys      AppActivate
                           LOOPS AND CONDITIONAL                           
IIF                For i=1 to j Step k       If_Then_Else      Select Case
End                   -                                          Case
Stop               Next i                    If_Then             Case IS cond
Switch                                          ElseIf_Then      Case _ TO _
GoTo...            While cond                   Else             Case Else
GoSub...Return        -                      EndIF             End Select
On...GoSub         Wend
Choose             Do While | Until cond     For Each
With                  -                         -
Exit Function      Loop While | Until cond   Next
Exit Sub
Exit Do
Exit For